About Us

About Green Bridge Technologies

Green Bridge Technologies, LLC (GBT) is the CNG division of leading LPG system and component supplier ICOM North America. With over 700 EPA-certified LPG platforms and more than 25 years of experience serving the propane vehicle industry, ICOM North America is a respected leader in gaseous fuels system engineering, integration, manufacturing, and distribution. Recognizing the growing interest in natural gas vehicles, spurred in large part by abundant American natural gas resources, ICOM North America partnered with Crazy Diamond Performance™, another highly-respected gaseous fuels industry leader with extraordinary natural gas engine calibration expertise to bring to market the most innovative advanced NGVs.

About Crazy Diamond Performance

Green Bridge Technologies (GBT) is the exclusive sales, systems packager and distributor for Crazy Diamond Performance™ (CDP) CNG vehicles. GBT partnered with CDP because they’re the leading calibration and fuel system engineering company for CNG fuel systems. CDP provides an array of engineering services from concept to EPA/CARB certification, with calibration through the OEM engine control system. CDP is experienced in GM and Ford engine management and provides engine controls development services as well. CDP’s commitment to excellence in CNG engine, powertrain and fuel systems engineering and integration dovetails well with GBT’s commitment to excellence in bringing this superior CNG technology to market through extraordinary service from initial contact through sales, order fulfilment, installation and post-sale service. You may learn more about Crazy Diamond Performance™ here.